How I got into coding

How I got into coding

My first interaction with coding

When I was around 14 years old I started learning how to code with Python. At first, it was quite confusing and hard to understand because I was so young and had never done anything like that before. After a few tutorials, I started to understand the basics of programming in Python and wrote small console applications with it.

But then I got very impatient and started to skip the basics jumping straight ahead to GUI development.
This probably was the main reason I quit programming shortly after. The progress of learning how to code was just not going fast enough and I wanted to code actual applications, not just "console apps".
So I tried to follow my tutorials on programming GUI applications with Python. My understanding of Python was not even enough for the first part of that YouTube tutorial.

I tried to go back to learning the basics but soon I stumbled on another hurdle and after a while, I decided to quit learning how to code.

Starting to code — again

For the next one to two years I did not touch coding ever again. I always was a tech-savvy person so I was also very interested in technology and electronics and pursued this hobby instead.

How Fortnite got me into coding

During 2018 I spent most of my free time in Fortnite (yes, back then the game was actually enjoyable with a couple of friends) but as I was always tinkering around with the game and ended up modifying its web requests I ended up getting banned.

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