Hello World

Hello World

Welcome to my new blog everyone.

I decided to ditch my own, self-written blog as it's just too much work to update and bugfix. Now that I switched to Ghost I do not have to manage all of the codebase and write posts at the same time anymore. I can dedicate my time to writing articles and posts without having to worry about website performance and other technical problems.

When looking back at my old site I noticed that I do not need any of that custom code and dynamic rendering. Almost everything I was able to achieve with my custom page I'm now able to do with Ghost in way less time. It comes with a nice web editor so I can focus on writing my blog posts without needing to worry about markdown syntax and semantics or any bugs that may occur when compiling markdown to HTML.

Now when I look back at the journey from designing mockup sketches to prototyping the back-end to writing basic stylesheets for the front-end, I have to say that I learned tons of new things during the time. Before I knew almost nothing about React and Next.js but now I would consider myself an intermediate user. I did not know the sheer amount of power that Next.js has and how good the developer experience is compared to stock create-react-app.

But before we dive too deep into this topic — which will be its own blog post — let's end here.

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